Saturday, 9 February 2013

Boohoo Haul

Hello sweeties,

So...a couple of weeks ago, I purchased some rather pretty clothing from is one of my all time favourite fashion websites, I love their clothing and accessories and they have great prices!

'Una Dogtooth Belted Ponte Skater Skirt'
My first item I purchased was this dogtooth skater skirt, I fell in love when I opened the parcel! The skirt is great for casual and dressy events! From a shopping trip to a party, the skirt caters for all events. From wearing the skirt myself, I have found that it looks great with a pair of black tights and black flats with a white blouse.
Although, I do have a confession for you all, the skirt comes with a black belt but I have misplaced the belt so just try and imagine the skirt with a belt, although, you don't necessarily have to wear the belt with the skirt!
The great thing about the skirt is that it was only £12! That's right, £12!
                                                      A very good buy indeed.
                                                      My rating for this is: 5/5.

'Amy Printed Check Shirt'
The second item I purchased was this very pretty pink, grey and white checked shirt. I have a lot of love for checked shirts so this is great to add to my collection! You can wear the shirt buttoned or open, whatever feels best for you. What I love about this shirt is the material, it keeps me warm but also cool at the same time which puts a smile on my face:-).
Again, the price of the shirt was very good, just £10!
I would say this is a good buy.
My rating for this is: 5/5.

'Tina Bodycon Peplum Top'   
The final item I purchased was this berry coloured peplum top. The top is great to wear for either a shopping trip or a meal, it also goes great with a pair of     skinny jeans! The only downside to the top, and this may not happen with everybody but it is cut low which means I have to keep on pulling the top up but apart from that, a great item of clothing.
Once again, the price made me smile as it was only £10!
Yet again, another good buy.
My rating for this is: 4/5

So overall, scored 14/15 on my ratings!
Well done!

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