Friday, 22 February 2013

I'm Back! (London Overview)

You guys should love me! I have only been back in my house for about half an hour and I'm already blogging for just for you with my blanket and hot water bottle as my company.

Well...what a busy four days it has been! I am worn out! Literally!

My train departed from London Kings Cross at 11:21am, sad times, it was so cold and it saddens me to think that I could still be in London, I love it so much. The train had delays and the boiler broke which meant no heating for the entire journey! First class should always have heating! Always!

Overall, I have loved my time spent in London this week, the freezing temperatures did not stop me from going all out with fashion and beauty shopping. Now it's time for me to settle down for the night and get warmed up and just relax, ahh.

Oh and I hope you enjoyed the photo of a very pretty Abercrombie and Fitch boy and myself :-)

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