Tuesday, 19 February 2013

London Day 2

Wow...I am so tired! Today has been so busy but definitely worth it!

Woke up by the high pitched beeping sound from my alarm *yawn*. Washed and got ready for my day ahead.

Walked to Blackfriar's tube station and hopped on the tube towards Oxford circus. I'm sure I nearly fell asleep on the tube...oopsie.

Sun is shining and I'm know the shopping mood! Decided to have a sausage and bacon bun in BHS for breakfast. Yum. I spotted a pair of boots that were pretty but I didn't end up buying them, I don't really know why though...

10:45 onwards...
Shop. Shop. Shop. So many stores, so many clothes, so many shoes, so expensive:-(.
H&M had some very pretty clothes, I regret not purchasing a certain dress.
The first store I purchased items in was Topshop, if I could, I would have took the full store with me! Pretty clothes everywhere! In the end, after an hour of trying clothes on! I ended up purchasing a skirt and a basic black top.
The next store was Boots and here I purchased some more make-up wipes as I was in desperate need! And a lovely Estée Lauder lipstick...very happy indeed.
I visited many stores but had to stop myself from purchasing most things as I needed to save some money for the rest of the days left in London.
I left Oxford Street and headed to Hanover Square to see one building and one building only...and that was...Vogue House...wow, I will work there one day!

After spending about ten minutes staring at Vogue House, I headed to Carnaby Street and had a little look in most stores.

No luck in Carnaby Street so I decided to head to Covent Garden and on my way, stopped off at Hollister on Regent Street. Success at last! I purchased a pink Hollister jumper and I wanted to purchase a blouse but however, my size had sold out:-(.

I had been walking for so long and finally arrived in Covent Garden around half past four.

After having a wander round, it was decided we would head back to the hotel and rest for an hour or two...my feet were hurting so much! I was in desperate need of a sit down!

Finally arrived back at the hotel and sat down to rest, aah. We had done so much walking we decided to stay in the hotel for the rest of the night. Overall, a pretty successful day even if I only purchased a few things. I'm sure tomorrow will be just as fun and hopefully some more shopping will be done.

All items purchased throughout my trip to London will be published with a full review on Saturday 23rd February 2013.

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