Wednesday, 20 February 2013

London Day 3

I am so tired after today, wow.

Once again, woken up by the sound of my alarm, it was so hard to get out of bed!

Headed to Costa Coffee and sat down to a Double Chocolate Muffin and a glass of water, lovely.

After getting confused and jumping on the wrong tube, I arrived at a history museum...yes I know, not the usual thing you would expect but it was to do with my studies so I had no choice really.

The parents wanted to go to The Museum of was quite boring.

Headed to Covent Garden market and I purchased two friendship bracelets, very cute and a really good price!

14:00pm onwards...
After purchasing my friendship bracers, I headed into Leicester Square and sat down for something to eat. Afterwards, I wandered around for a little bit then headed into H&M and purchased a pretty little bag and a blue phone case, cute.
Jack Wills was my next and final stop where I purchased a pink Jack Wills T-shirt and a warm, pretty jacket. I was very pleased.

After a quick shopping trip, back to the hotel I went and settled down to watch The Brit Awards. Lets just see what tomorrow holds.

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