Friday, 22 February 2013

London Day 4 (21st February 2013)

My last full day in London *cries*

Today consisted of Old Bond Street, Regent Street and Burlington Gardens. It was such a busy day!

Abercrombie and Fitch was my first stop where I purchased a 'hoodie' and a tank top, very pretty and had a lovely photo took with a very pretty boy:-)

Tiffany and Co was my next stop where my dad bought me such a beautiful necklace. Cute.

The next stops were H&M and Uniqlo . I purchased some more pretty items that I am so pleased with!

The next stop was Fortnum and Mason where I purchased the most delicious chocolate brownie ever! Mmm.

Although I didn't visit many stores today, it was still such a busy day and the very cold weather didn't help.

Overall, my trip to London has been successful and brilliant. I can't wait to come back next time.

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