Saturday, 23 February 2013

London Haul

Hey guys! So here it is...every single item I purchased during my trip to London with a FULL review! Excited? Well carry on reading...

The first item that I purchased from H&M was this 100% Imitation Leather Handbag which was £14.99. The bag has two handles and a detatchable shoulder strap and a zip at the top of the bag and a zip for the outer pocket that is lined. The size is perfect for me personally as everything fits and it's not too big and not too small, just the right size. I purchased the 'Natural White' colour. The only downside to the bag is that I think that it will get dirty very easily but it hasn't so far so fingers crossed!
A very good buy.
My rating for this is: 4/5.

The second item I purchased was this pink 'Suit Jacket' and it was also in the sale from £24.99 to £15.00, this made me extremely happy! I love this jacket so much, although it is more 'work like' I like to wear it casual with a pair of jeans or a black skirt with tights. I fell in love with the jacket when I saw it, it's one of my all time favourite buys.
Such a good buy!
My rating for this is: 5/5

The third item I purchased was this 'Light Green' smart phone case that fits the iPhone 4/4s. I love the colour and I find it really pretty. It was priced at £3.99 which is quite reasonable as some phone cases are £10+ so I was happy with the price.  
My rating for this is: 5/5

So overall, H&M scored 14/15 on my ratings. Well done H&M!

I had never bought anything from this store before so this was a first time experience for me.

The first item I purchased was one of Jack Will's classic t-shirts 'Eccleston Tee' in the colour 'Cherry Blossom'. The t-shirt is 100% cotton and has a lovely soft texture. I would wear this t-shirt with either leggings or a pair of jeans for a casual outing. It was priced at £24.50 which is maybe a little overpriced some may think but it's a well known name so I guess it's quite reasonable.
My rating for this is: 4/5

The final item I purchased was 'Ledbury Jacket' in the colour 'Navy'. I really like the jacket as it has an detachable gilet and is very, very, very warm! The jacket is a waxed-cotton jacket that is great for being outdoors. It is 100% waxed cotton with sherpa lining. It was priced at £139.00 but is reasonable.
My rating for this is: 5/5

So overall, JACK WILLS scored 9/10 on my ratings which is pretty good and I will definitely be shopping at the store again!

With the only UK store being in London, this was a must visit! It was an experience like no other walking into the shop, I fell in love with the full store straight away. If I could, I would have bought the whole store!  No joke!

The first item I purchased was 'Maya Hoodie' in 'Light Pink'. The hoodie is one of the softest pieces of clothing I own...maybe even the softest! The hoodie is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. With VAT included, the hoodie was £58. I think I have actually fallen in love with it, I will wear the hoodie for casual outings or to just laze about...the only thing that matters is that I actually love it!
My rating for this is definitely: 5/5

The second item I purchased was 'Isabelle Tank' in 'Navy Stripe', it's just a cute little tank top that is pretty. I would wear it with either jeans or shorts. With VAT included, the tank is priced at £28. I love it as it's just simple. The tank is 60% cotton and 40% modal.
My rating for this is: 5/5

So a massive congratulations to Abercrombie&Fitch for being the first clothing company to score full points on my ratings! Well done!

Here I only purchased one item but I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

My purchase was just a plain pink sweater with the Hollister logo on of course. It's quite warm and at a very reasonable price of £29.00.
My rating for this is 5/5

My first purchase was this plain crop black top at £10.00. It's just a basic essential that can go with anything which is why it was a must buy!
A little pricey so my rating is: 3/5

My second purchase was this cartoonised midi skirt which was £22. I fell in love with it straight away as it's different from normal skirts and would stand out. Although, I do think the skirt is a bit over priced. However I love it.
My rating is: 4/5

So Topshop scored 9/10 on my ratings. Well done.

I had never heard of this store before I set eyes on it in London so I decided to have a little look in and found some Lilac jeggings for £14.99. I needed a new pair of jeggings so it was a good buy.
I rate this: 4/5

So there you go guys, the items I purchased from London.

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