Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Holidays Have Came!

Wow...Easter has came around so fast once again, it seems like yesterday it was Christmas and from the look of outside, you would think it!

So, for many of you, like myself, you are in your final year of Secondary School and it's coming closer to the date when you leave...scary stuff! Today we got given our 'Leavers' Hoodies which really scares me as it's kind of sunk in that I am a leaver, I'm in year 11 and not for long! Once my exams are over, I'm not longer part of Secondary school...scary! I have realised today that there is quite a few people who I will really miss when I leave school and most of them are the people who have been there for me over the five years and the ones who I can be myself around, (this sounds really soppy but I have a tear in my eye right now thinking about the future without them). I honestly can't express my love for my friends, I love them so much words can't describe, it's quite sad to think of my future without them, hopefully I'll keep in touch with a few people but who knows?

So it's now the Easter Holidays and lots of chocolate will be ate over these holidays which makes me happy but looking in my kitchen and seeing the number of Easter eggs I have already been given makes me feel a bit sick, there's so many! Due to it now being the Easter Holidays for me, I will be blogging at least three times a week and this is mainly due to the lack of blog entries that you will see from me during April, May and June and this is simply because of my GCSE's as these have to come before my blogging unfortunately; however on the 14th June I will be free of exams and will have finally finished Secondary'm in shock.

That's about it from me, so Happy Easter guys and don't eat too much chocolate! :-)

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