Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Favourites!

Wow, this year is going so fast. It's crazy to think we're in April already! I've decided to do a 'Favourites' post for each month which will show my top ten favourite products that I have purchased that month or have already purchased in the past.

My first favourite is this cartoonised midi skirt that I purchased from Topshop during February priced at £22. I absolutely love this skirt and have began wearing a lot more in March! Through looking at different fashion websites and magazines, I have noticed that these types of patterns are the big craze at the moment and apparently, it's very hard to get hold of this skirt so I feel happy to know that it's hanging in my wardrobe instead of someone elses.
I styled this skirt with a plain black crop top which is my second March favourite. I also purchased this from Topshop at £10. This crop top is a must have in my opinion as I can style it with anything! In my opinion, this outfit is great for shopping or going out for a meal and can be worn to any event.

My third March favourite is my creepers that I purchased from New Look priced at £24.99. I had never really been a big fan of creepers but I've taken a liking to them and now I absolutely love them! They go with any outfit and are different to normal shoes which is what I like about them.

My fourth March favourite is this grey mohair skirt from Boohoo.com priced, originally £12 however is priced at £8 in the sale. I fell in love with this skirt as I can style it with any top, I wear this skirt quite a lot, it's definitely one of my favourite all time purchases.

My fifth March favourite is the flower patterned top that I purchased from River Island around September time, yes I know, it's quite an old purchase however I still love it to this day. I like to wear the top with jeans or a skirt.

Number six on my March favourites is the 'Photo Flawless Primer' from 17 priced at £4.99. I really like this make-up product, I don't wear it everyday but I do most days. I would recommend this product to anyone, it definitely does live up to its name.

At number seven for my March favourites is the Maybelline 'The falsies volum' express' mascara. I have always loved this mascara and always will. I wear this mascara literally everyday of my life! It's very easy to remove as well. Such a good product.

At number eight on my March favourites list is 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs. I recieved this perfume for Christmas and I've fallen in love with it! It has young, fresh, floral smell and I adore it! This is one of my all time favourite products. Wow. I cannot describe my love for this fragrance.

At number nine is my blue Vans. I have always loved these shoes and now that the weather has started to take a good turn, I will be wearing them more. I wore them quite a lot during March despite the weather conditions. These shoes can be worn with jeans, shorts or a skirt.

Last but not least is this cream bag from H&M that I purchased when I was in London. It is priced at £14.99 is very good value. I love this bag as it goes nice with almost every outfit. It also has a lot of space inside although from the outside looks small. I adore this bag.

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