Monday, 1 April 2013

Pretty In Pink

Before I begin this post, I just want to say, Happy Easter guys! I hope you had a great Easter and had fun eating all your Easter gifts!

So on Saturday I had a little trip to my local town centre, my town centre doesn't have a great variety of shops however we do have the shop Internacionale which is where I purchased this very pretty pink lace peplum top! I saw it and fell in love with it straight away, I love the beaded collar and I love the colour as we all know, I like the colour pink...a lot! It was priced at £16.99 and I just had to buy it, I honestly could not walk out of the shop without buying it and I knew that I would regret not buying it if I had left so I purchased the top and wore it yesterday. It goes great with skinny jeans and I imagine it would look nice with disco pants however, I do not own any so I couldn't try that out. I wore the top with my blue skinny jeans that have buttons on the side instead of a zip and the outfit was successful in my opinion. I would tell anybody to purchase the top as it is so pretty and would make a really nice    addition to your wardrobe!
I rate this top 5/5 which means that Internacionale have scored 5/5 on my ratings overall! Well done Internacionale!

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