Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Denim Skirt.

Leather Jacket-Wallis
Blouse-New Look
Plain black tights-Usually purchasable from most retailers
One of this Summer's big trends is 'Aqua Fresh' with many different shades of blue taking over our new Summer wardrobes! I'm more of a skirt and dress person than shorts and jeans so I purchased my first Summer piece of clothing a few days ago from and have been waiting for the delivery. The skirt is called 'Cally Denim Washed Skater Skirt' and at last, after waiting three days, my new skirt had been delivered and I could not wait to try it on and style it with other items of clothing. Although the sun has been making an appearance over the last few days, it's still not that warm to walk out the house with just a skirt and jacket on so I styled the skirt with a pair of black tights, a white blouse, a leather jacket and one of my favourite pairs of shoes which are my blue Vans. I've been after a denim skirt for quite a long time now, I already own a similar skirt but unfortunately it is too big for me so I can never really wear it which is one of the reasons the skirt was a must buy! Over the past few weeks I have taken a liking to the colour blue and don't have a certain shade that I like the most, this means I can purchase a lot more clothing as I don't stick to just one shade. The skirt that I purchased is a light blue shade that is 'washed out' in areas which I think makes the skirt look 100% better and more fashionable rather than just a plain blue denim skirt. To make the outfit more impressing and attracting, I would style the skirt with either a floral or tie-dye top as patterns are a big trend this Summer, I would finish the outfit off with either a pair of Vans,Converse or flats with optional white or blue frilly socks (I find frilly socks very cute so whenever I have a chance to wear them, I wear them) and then a simple light jacket that won't make you too warm. I purchased the skirt for £15 which is a reasonable price as other retailers are pricing them £20+ which is a no go for me. The skirt is a lovely length, not too long and not too short and can be styled with almost anything!

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