Sunday, 12 May 2013

April Favourites!

I apologise for not blogging for so long but revision has taken over my life! I'm
now currently blogging during my 'revision break' as I thought that I need to get this post published before it is too late. I started to do 'Monthly Favourites' posts and here is my April favourites, although this may be a little late, but, better late than never right?

My first April favourite is the 'Hollister Limited Edition Body Mist' which was priced at £12. I included this is in my 'Newcastle Haul' post which I published around the beginning of April. I haven't stopped using it from the day I purchased it, I think I may be a little too obsessed with it! If you have purchased this, you will probably understand why.

My second April favourite is my Mac lipstick in the shade of 'Lovelorn' which was priced at £14. This was my first Mac product and I love it! I think the colour is perfect and very pretty.

My third April favourite is my 17 lipstick, unfortunately I don't know the name of the shade but I'm sure you could find it by just looking at the colour. When I purchased this lipstick, which was a while ago now it was priced at £4.99. It is a really pretty shade and goes well with 'natural' makeup.

My fourth April favourite is a mini 17 nail polish that I received as part of a gift set. If you know me, you will know that my favourite colour is pink and I love anything to do with that colour. This shade of pink contrasts with my paler pink lipsticks and blushes as this is what I would call 'hot pink'. I was a bit surprised once I had painted my nails as the colour isn't the same as it looks, it's even better! Well in my opinion it is. I would definitely buy this as a single nail polish.

My last April favourite is 'Sally Hansen Maximum Growth'. A lot of people have published posts on this and I purchased it last month, you are supposed to see an improvement (obviously longer nails) in ten days, however, this really surprised me as after seven days I was seeing an improvement! I haven't used lots of this as I do want to save it for the future but I would definitely recommend this to anyone. When I purchased it, it was priced at £4.75 in Boots.

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