Monday, 27 May 2013

Cute Spring Nails


Just before I start this post, I would like to apologise for not blogging recently, revision has taken over my life these past few weeks but my exams will soon be over on the 19th June so until then, I won't be blogging as much.

Anyway, I really love painting my nails, I must change the colour around three/four times every week? I just love having 'pretty nails' as I like to call them and this time I decided to add some glitter to my nails as I don't really do this often and usually just paint them with only one colour.

When I painted my nails, I was wearing one of my summer skirts which is a denim skirt from that I have talked about in one of my previous posts(The Denim Skirt). Feeling summery, I decided to paint my nails a light blue with 17's Fast Finish Nail Polish in the shade 'True Blue' which you can purchase from Boots at £2.99. I really love the shade as it makes me feel cool but summery at the same time. Usually, I would just finish my nails after the polish dries but this time I decided to use Rimmel London's I love Lasting Finish Nail Polish in the shade 'Disco Ball' which you can also purchase from Boots at £2.99. I was very pleased with the result although I was a bit scared whilst painting the glitter on to my blue nails. I will definitely be having this 'style' again. Just think, you can have these 'pretty nails' for just £5.98 overall!

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