Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lasula Boutique

A few days ago I received a lovely top and necklace from Lasula Boutique so I have decided to write a little post reviewing the products I received. For those of you who are not familiar with Lasula Boutique, they are a new company who are launching in Summer 2013, not long to wait now! The products that they produce are for the fearless girls who will wear anything.

The top that I received is perfect for the Summer as it is thin and cool which is great for hot summer days, as shown in the photograph below, I styled the top with a pair of white crop jeans, I styled the top with light jeans as the brown colour doesn't really suit me but may suit you. The white jeans brighten the whole outfit and also helps the top to make an impact as the two colours juxtapose with each other. In my opinion, the top would look better if in a brighter colour such as a light blue or light pink as this would suit me more but the brown colour suits other people better than it suits me. I really like the scallop effect on the top as it accessorises the top nicely.


I love the necklace that I have received. I think that the necklace is cute and I can style the necklace with any outfit, the perfect style for me would be styling the necklace with a white blouse and a black tube skirt, the necklace is simple yet effective and is a nice accessory to add to any outfit. 


  1. i really like the top, think it would look nice in pink!x

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