Saturday, 1 June 2013

MAC Bombshell and Chatterbox Lipstick

A few days ago, I had a little trip to the MAC counter in House of Fraser and purchased these two lovely lipsticks! One called 'Bombshell' and the other 'Chatterbox' for £14 each which I think is quite reasonable as the brand is very good and the lipsticks are good quality. 

By far, my favourite shade of lipsticks is pink, with the occasionally nude and red shade entering its way into my makeup bag. The two lipsticks look very similar in colour and do not differ greatly, however each one is unique and each one looks fantastic on! 

I purchased 'Bombshell' as I don't own many light/medium pink shades and thought that it was time to add to my collection. The lipstick has a gold shimmer finish when on the lips and this looks very pretty, however, I have found that the gold shimmer doesn't appear instantly, which is most likely why, I didn't expect it when I looked in the mirror and saw it! The lipstick stays on for around 3-4 hours which is great if you're on a shopping trip so you don't have to constantly keep on topping your lipstick up! I really love the lipstick and think that it is definitely a must have spring/summer shade! The lipstick is very drying after a while but the effect throughout the day definitely makes up for it! I love this shade and am very pleased with my purchase. 

The 'Chatterbox' shade is more of a 'barbie-like' shade. When on the lips, it creates a small neon effect, it doesn't stand out, but it is quite bright, so when wearing it, I like to keep my eye makeup quite light and blusher quite light too. The lipstick stays perfect on for around 4 hours and is very soft on the lips and has a quite creamy finish. The only disadvantage is that if you have chapped lips, the lipstick doesn't cover the lines and you can clearly see that the lips are chapped. Overall I love this lipstick and will definitely purchase it again! This is one of the prettiest shades I have ever came across and one of my new favourites in my makeup bag.  

Overall, both the lipsticks are brilliant and I am so pleased with them! MAC definitely lives up to its expectations, I will definitely purchase both these products again! 

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