Monday, 24 June 2013

Mallzee-A Personalised Online Shopping Website!

Ever wanted your own personal shopper that can help you choose products online? Well now you can and it's free of charge!
Mallzee is a new online shopping website which is personalised for your own style. Mallzee works with over two hundred well-known brands such as Jack Wills, Motel and Monsoon.

Once you have signed up to the website either through your email address or Facebook account, you will be directed to a short survey that will look like this...
Here you will see a range of different fashions and you have the option to 'like' or 'dislike' them. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and this helps Mallzee discover your own personal style, ensuring you are guided to products that you will be interested in.

Once you have completed the short survey, Mallzee will then ask you to add your favourite brands. The page will look like this...
Here you will select your favourite brands, you can select all the brands or just a few. Once you have selected brands, you can then begin shopping or just browse.

You will then have your favourite brands shown on your 'homepage' and the brands will have a selection of products. You can add other brands whenever you like or you can remove brands. The page will look like this...
Here you can select any product that you like and you can either purchase the product or add the product to your wardrobe. Here is an example...

Your wardrobe is where you can save your favourite products and come back to them later if you have not purchased them. Once you have added the product to your wardrobe, there will then be suggestions on what you can style the product with or products that are similar or from the same brand. 

Mallzee Dollars are also part of the website and you can earn Mallzee Dollars for every £3 that you spend. Once you have a specific number of Mallzee Dollars, the page will then unlock and you can buy exclusive products and receive discounts. 

 If you sign up to Mallzee from this post, you will get a free VIP membership! A VIP membership means that you will be the first to access new features and exclusive features. With a VIP membership, you will also have access to special promotions and discounts! What could possibly be better than having a VIP membership for free of charge? Just sign up from this post and you will receive one!  

For those of you who own a Pinterest account, Mallzee are running a style competition and the winner will receive £100 of shopping vouchers! Details for the competition can be found on the Mallzee Facebook Page-Mallzee

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