Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Maybelline-Forever Strong Nail Varnish

This nail varnish is only the second varnish that I have purchased from Maybelline as I don't count Maybelline as one of my top brands, but I do like their products. When shopping in Asda the other day, I passed the Maybelline counter and to my surprise, there was a sale! I love sales so this only meant one thing, I was definitely going to purchase a product, who doesn't love a sale, especially a beauty sale? I skimmed the counter and stopped myself from purchasing another mascara as my collection is growing far too quickly! I love painting my nails different colours so I decided to purchase this nail varnish.

The colour of the varnish attracted my attention first, as I am a lover of the shade pink! I own a lot of pastel pinks so a more, stand out pink was needed. I absolutely adore the colour of this nail varnish, the shade is 'Bubblegum 155'. What made the varnish better was the fact that the varnish stays on perfectly for seven days! I hate it when my nail varnish starts to disappear so having a nail varnish that stays for seven days is my idea of perfect! 

The original price was £4.07, however, I was lucky enough to purchase the product at £3, saving £1.07! It may not be a huge saving but it's still a saving! I was very pleased as I started to apply the nail varnish as it is not at all runny and the varnish dries very quickly! I was amazed when my nails were completely dry and not sticky after just one minute! I have only had to apply one coat of varnish, as the varnish covers the nail amazingly! I would definitely recommend this product and also, the shade is brilliant for the Summer so I would purchase it as soon as possible! I will definitely be purchasing more Maybelline products.

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