Monday, 29 July 2013

A Different Look-Tea Dress and Converse.

When you think of a tea dress, you imagine an innocent looking girl wearing her hair tied with a bow and a pair of cute flat shoes. You imagine the dress being worn to a formal event or being worn to a dinner party, and you certainly never imagine the dress being styled with a pair of trainers. 

Recently, trainers have made a comeback in teenage and young females lives. We’re ditching the six inch heels and going for the more comfortable look, who would have ever thought this day would come? Wearing heels 24/7 certainly tires you out, having to stand and walk in the most uncomfortable pair of shoes is torture! The biggest relief is getting home and finally taking your heels off, I can assure you that there is no better feeling.

So, a tea dress and heels? The most stereotypical style, but what about a tea dress and trainers? Somehow, it just doesn’t sound right, it’s almost criminal to write this! I decided to take a risk in life and style my cutest dress I own with a pair of trainers, known as Converse, with frilly socks of course. 

Some may love the outfit, some may hate it but believe me, I enjoyed my day 100% more than I would have if I had been wearing heels. My feet were comfortable and in my opinion, the outfit wasn’t a disaster, if anything, the outfit was right on trend with today’s dressy outfits. 

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  1. Great outfit - love the dress :)