Wednesday, 24 July 2013

MAC-Makeup Lesson in 90

If you have read my recent post, you will know that this year it was my turn to go to Prom and sadly leave my secondary school. In most schools, prom is one, if not the most biggest event of the year, forget about the leaver's assembly or the first day of the year, prom overrules everything. Prom is the last event that your year group will share together and it's also the time where you can look your very best and maybe even surprise a few people with how you look out of school.

I wanted prom to be 'perfect'. I cannot think back to the time when prom wasn't on my mind, even in primary school, I had dreamed of having the perfect dress and the perfect look for the big event. I am a huge fan of Mac Cosmetics and I can never walk past a Mac store/counter and not purchase something, yes, I'm that obsessed! My mum, very kindly, booked me a Mac makeup lesson before prom, so I could re-create the look at home on the day of prom. I didn't know what to expect from my Mac lesson, it was originally to create a look for prom but at the end, I had learnt so much more! 

During a Mac Makeup Lesson in 90, which means 90 minutes, the Mac artist, in my case 'Pink Sarah', will ask you different questions about your everyday makeup routine and how you like your makeup, whether you like a calm eye and bold lips or the other way round. The artist will then try and create a look that suits you and that you like and will hopefully 'wear' more than just once. 

As my main priority at the time was prom, I wanted an 'elegant' look and then a lip that made a statement, I told her that I wasn't a big fan of foundation and didn't use it regularly, likewise with eyeliner and lip liner. This didn't create a problem, as I was open to using new products and I have now taken a liking to lip liner. I can't really go into detail about how the lesson goes as every lesson is different, however, during your lesson, the artist will apply makeup to one half of your face and you do the other, so you learn throughout, or you have the option to just watch however, in my opinion, you will learn more if you try and do it yourself, don't worry though, the artist won't let you walk away with an 'odd' face. At the end of the lesson, you will get a sheet of paper with a face on (sounds creepy right?) half of the face will have the makeup on that you have used and the other will have directions. On the bottom of the sheet, their will be the list of products that you have used so if you decide not to purchase some of the products, you still have the name of the products in case you ever want purchase them in the future. 

My lesson was £50 and you redeem the £50 against any products that you buy. In my case, my purchases came to over £50 and that's all I'm going to say about that...I would recommend the Mac lesson to anyone, whether you are looking to create a look for a special event or whether you are just starting to wear makeup. I was very pleased with the lesson and at the end, I knew more about applying makeup than I did before. 


  1. How have I not heard of this!? I've been using Mac cosmetics for years. I am defo giving this a try. Lovely post! x

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