Sunday, 28 July 2013

Possibly The Cutest Shoes Ever?

As a shoe obsessive, owning the perfect pair of flat shoes is vital! They have to be comfortable, cute and have to be able to match more than one outfit...and for me, well, that's a difficult task! I have always been a sneaker kind of girl, wearing Vans and Converse and creating a  rather large collection of different colours and styles, don't get me wrong, I do love the odd flat ballet pump shoe but I can never find one that I absolutely love! As a fashion and beauty lover, money is sometimes a problem for me as I always want the latest clothing and beauty products, and this love results in my purse being empty most of the time. This makes finding the perfect flat shoe even more difficult, just another thing to add to the criteria of a shoe, they have to be reasonably priced and affordable!
I've started shopping in Dorothy Perkins a lot more recently and it's quickly became one of my favourite stores as I am totally in love with their products! A few weeks ago, I was browsing through their shoe section and these cute nude shoes caught my attention and a feeling of joy came over me when I set eyes on them up close. My first thoughts when lifting them from the shelf was 'oh my, these shoes are the cutest shoes I've ever seen' and still to this day, I think that. I tried them on and walked round for a few minutes, they were comfortable, cute and they could definitely match more than one outfit as they are a nude colour, this made me extremely happy. The last box the shoes had to tick before I purchased them was the money-box, could I afford the shoes and were they a reasonable price? The answer was a definite yes! I don't think I have ever been so excited about purchasing a pair of shoes before!
Since purchasing these shoes, I have hardly ever took them off. One of the main things I love about these shoes is that the first day I wore them, I took them off on the night and I had no blisters and throughout the day I was pain free! They are so comfortable for me and almost make me feel cute. The fitting of them is extremely good. The only thing that I would say was a disadvantage is that the shoe is laser cut, so if I am ever caught in the rain, I will end up getting wet feet. However, these shoes are ideal for Summer as they let your feet breathe through the laser cut holes. I would also wear these during Spring as I feel that these shoes give off the 'it's nearly Summer' vibe. They are perfect in my opinion and what makes me like them even more is that they match most of my outfits! I usually style these shoes with white frilly socks and a dress or a skirt and top.

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