Monday, 22 July 2013

Prom Hair

The prom season has sadly ended and now the countdown is on for next year.
In England, most year 11's have a prom to end their time at secondary school and this year it was time for me to find the perfect dress and to have the perfect prom. The weather was great (which is unusual for England). The sun was shining, everyone looked beautiful and we were ready to have a brilliant night.

Choosing a hairstyle for prom was probably one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make in my life! As my dress was a halter neck I decided that I wanted an updo, then came the next part, deciding how I wanted my updo. I eventually decided on a bun with part of my fringe being pinned back.

I had my hair styled at a local salon called Shapers, I had never been there before so decided that a 'prom hair trial' would be best to see if I was pleased with the result and luckily, I was more than pleased! A few days later, prom was here and I was on my way to get my hair done.

I was told to wash my hair the night before as if I had washed it on the day of prom, it would have been too soft to pin up. The hairdresser sectioned my hair and began to curl my hair with GHD straighteners, she wrapped my hair around the straighteners and then unwrapped to get the perfect curl.
She curled my hair until she reached the crown of my head and here is where she backcombed my hair to give the hairstyle some height, she then hairsprayed the hair that had been backcombed to make sure that the hair would stay how it was.
She then began to pin different sections of my hair up into a bun, making sure each section was secure so the bun didn't drop during the night.
Part of my fringe was then pinned back and the rest left to fall in place naturally. Once again, she hairsprayed the bun and my fringe and the final step was placing my hair piece at the side of my hair. Once this was placed, the hairstyle was completed and I was off to continue getting ready for prom.

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