Sunday, 14 July 2013

Rimmel London-Lasting Matte Finish Kate Moss Lipstick Review

To start this post off, I would like to apologise for the lack of blogging recently, I have been very busy these last few weeks, I thought that when I left school, I would be able to blog all the time however, it seems that I was wrong. I've been extremely busy over the last few weeks but now things have settled down and I'm back to writing my blog posts so watch this space. Now onto the actual post...

I feel as if I'm a bit late to be reviewing this lipstick as it has been on sale for quite a long time and the big hype about the product, is pretty much over, I guess I'm late because I rarely purchase products from Rimmel London, I don't have a reason why but I just never seem to purchase their products a lot, however, since purchasing this lipstick, I have worn it nearly everyday! 

I purchased the lipstick in my local Boots store as this is where I shop for my makeup. The shade that I purchased was 101 and I absolutely adore the shade! Nearly every lipstick I own is a shade of pink with the odd red shades sneaking in, as you can tell, I have a little bit of an obsession for pink lipsticks and I absolutely adore this shade! One word to describe the shade is 'pretty', this shade may be the prettiest pink I have ever came across, it's not too light and it's not too dark which is perfect for me! The lipstick isn't too bold, and this makes me like it even more as I can wear the lipstick to go shopping but I can also wear it for an event such as a party. 

I love the packaging of the product as the bold red colour draws attention to the eye straight away but is not too over the top and doesn't make the product look tacky.  

The application of the lipstick is easy due to the texture of it which makes the lipstick different to many other high street brands, I haven't had any problems applying the lipstick as my lips are usually moisturised, however, for anyone with dry lips, I would recommend moisturising your lips before using applying it. 

Having to apply lipstick every hour is always annoying and one of my pet hates so I was extremely pleased when my lipstick stayed perfect for just over five hours. I am always wary when drinking or eating with lipstick on as I always think that it will ruin it but I was shocked to walk away from my lunch and my lipstick still looking perfect!

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the lipstick and to make things better, the lipstick has a lovely smell to it! I will definitely be purchasing another lipstick from the Kate collection.

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