Thursday, 25 July 2013


Today’s post is a bit different to what I would usually blog about, as this blog is a fashion and beauty blog, however, today I am blogging about storage. Yes, that’s right storage, who would ever predict that one day I would publish a post talking about storage? Although this post isn’t the usual product review or style post, it still is talking about fashion in a way, I’m sure every girl can relate when I say how irritating it is to not have enough space for your makeup, clothes or in today’s case, jewellery. I used to have a small jewellery hanger that stood on my bedside table but as the years went on, I became more attached to jewellery (especially necklaces) and my small jewellery hanger gave up, there was just too many items hanging on it.  

Luckily, mum came to the rescue and for my birthday, she bought me a jewellery box known as ‘Stackers’. As I’ve only recently began to take an extreme liking to jewellery, I had never heard of ‘Stackers’. Basically, it’s like a jewellery box but as you would normally pull a compartment out, you just lift the compartment that is on top or if you’re opening the top of stackers, you just open it by the small lock. If you read my blog regularly, you will know that my favourite colour is pink and I love anything pink, whether it’s clothing, makeup or even a folder, I love it! So my mum bought me the stacker in pink and I love it! There’s not much else I can say about ‘Stackers’ as it’s really your own opinion on them. The biggest advantage is that it has a lot of space for your jewellery so you will never have to worry about storage issues again. I haven’t finished putting all my jewellery into my stacker just yet as I have quite a few items that still need to be put in. To my knowledge, you can purchase ‘Stackers’ in a range of colours and you can purchase them from John Lewis and from the Internet.  

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