Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Guest Post//Erial View


The cold season is sadly approaching and I am not excited. However, you might be wondering who “I” am. My name is Erial, Eri for short, and I hail from erialview.blogspot.com.  I specialize in teen fashion and teen lifestyle; therefore, I am so excited to guest post on this lovely teen fashion and beauty blog!

Digressing back to the fact that summer is coming to a close, we bloggers obviously need to start shopping for winter essentials. Probably the main and most important essential is a winter jacket. Before you take the mick out of me for even thinking about winter yet or  the fact that these jackets are not from the sale rack at Primark, do remember my ultimate life hack: When the temperature drops… so do prices. These items may be full priced now but they won’t be when the cold weather actually rolls around.

Let’s get stuck into it, shall we?

1.    Top Shop Biker Jacket
 With so many textures and hardware, this one jacket can basically make any outfit. Dress it up for an edgy night out or casually wear it to your lectures. For all you vegetarians, vegans or proper animal lovers, it’s not real leather!

2.    ASOS Fur Hooded Detachable Lined Parka
This jacket is for those days where you just don’t want to leave your pillow and duvet castle. No worries, with this massive parka with faux-fur packed on the inside, you will stay warm and trendy. Practically like a duvet with sleeves… right?

3.    Forever 21 Wild Rose Quilted Bomber Jacket
Need a pop of colour or pattern? A pink rose pattern jacket should do the trick. Pair it with a striped bobble hat and a pair of leggings or even track pants and you should be good to go!

4.    H&M Trench Coat
Everyone needs a proper trench coat to ward off freezing temperatures and the bloody rain. Keep it classy with this thigh length coat and say “Sod off, wind and rain” and “Hello, NYC Fashion Week”!

5.    River Island Black Contrast Trim Pea Coat
In case you are going somewhere a bit more upscale or maybe you prefer and traditional coat, try this pea coat with large gold buttons. It’s simple yet elegant and you really can’t go wrong with a structured jacket like this.

6.    New Look Nude Faux Fur Jacket
Want some fluff? New Look has it. There are reasons why Chanel makes big fluffy coats and sells them for oodles of money. The main reason being, fur keeps you warm. A faux fur jacket like this one from New Look is less than half the price, will keep you equally as warm, and the animals will give many thanks.
$ Not available  

Hopefully, with these six jackets you will find one that fits you… literally. Again, keep your eyes peeled for when your favourite jacket goes on sale. When the temperature drops, so do prices.

Thanks to Lucy for having me on her blog, it’s been lovely.

All love,

~Erial xx

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