Friday, 23 August 2013

Guest Post//Nail Wraps//Tyro Fashionista

Hi everyone, I'm Lydia from and today I'm going to be doing a guest post on Kiss Nail Wraps in the design Cocktail. I've only ever used nail wraps once before, and that was pretty disastrous to be honest, so when I received these Kiss nail wraps in my Summer Miss Glossybox I was excited to try again. I love the design of these, pink and zebra print - two of my favourite things! At first I thought that maybe they were a bit too over the top but I grew to love them, I think they are great party nails especially because of the sparkly gems on them.
I found these easy to apply, although I did have to trim the wraps to fit my nails on my little fingers because they are so thin! The instructions say to file the wrap until it's the same length as your nail, a nail file is included but it wasn't working for me at all. I must have spent five minutes filing one wrap when I realised it wasn't going to work and just trimmed it with nail scissors, I think you should do this because it's so much quicker and easier :)  They are meant to last up to 10 days, mine only lasted two days which was what I expected really. I don't see this as a problem though because if you put them on for a party you would only need them to last for a day (which mine did).
I recommend these nail wraps, they are good quality and available in lots of different styles. They are available from Asda and Amazon
I'd like to thank Lucy for letting me guest post and I hope you enjoyed my post!  
Lydia x 

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