Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Guest Post//Scarlett Fashion loves Autumn Clothes//Scarlett Fashion

Hi, I'm Karen. I'm mummy to 20 month Scarlett. I work full time and have a fashion business also. I love to travel, run and learn new languages.

The weather is still warm, but we know that the change is just around the corner. Most of us have already had our Summer holiday and the kids are starting to think about going back to school and the students back to college. Summer was great, we love to dress in our maxi dresses and Summer dresses, but it's coming towards the end of the season and what better way to celebrate than buy Autumn clothes. We can see all of the AW13 clothes appear in shops now. Autumn is  great season. We still can wear dresses, but we can start to accessories with knee high boots and and brightly coloured rain macks. We don't need to worry quite as much about showing the parts of our body that we don't like or our pastie legs. I think Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons to dress for. So, I thought I would show you a few of my top picks from the season:  
Topshop Fur Pea Coat £79

How cute is this? OK, we're not quite ready for it (it's been 25 degrees today!), but I am keeping it ready for when it turns! It just looks too snugly, like the big monster in the soup advert. I think this will be a firm fav as the weather gets colder


OMG, this is adorable. I WILL be buying this next week. It only came out this week. It is a Sugarhill dress. I adore Sugarhill, they are so quirky and beautifully made. This dress is very flattering and covers all sins. It is an aqua green colours with flare cuff and three quarter lengths sleeves. The print on the dress is Bambi, how amazing is that? Plus it's just £45. Bargain! 

I'm not a massive jumper fan as quite often they are over sized and very un-flattering. This new YUMI knit, is accompanied with a detachable belt which pulls you in at the waist and makes it so much more fitted. The little pom pom's make it a really fun item for your wardrobe. 

I think this playsuit too beautiful. I'm not going to lie, I am not a big fan of playsuits. I am 34 and a mummy, so to be honest, I think I'm too old. I don't think this outfit would look all that great on me, but on a better and younger body, this playsuit is just amazing and very sexy:-) 


Finally, this YUMI Winter Wonderful dress is just too quirky! It rests just above the knee and has a purple and black image of a winter scene, which goes around the whole of the dress. This dress would certainly leave a lasting impression. I would imagine a dress which would get alot of attention.

I am sure I could carry on with my top picks as there are so many. As the season changes the colour and style of the clothes change. I love the introduction of tartan and beautiful tunics that can be worn with leggings. What have you got your eye on this season???

Thanks for listening!


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  1. I love that last dress! Its so pretty!
    Baby scarlet is gorgeous ^_^

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