Thursday, 15 August 2013

MAC Snob Review

I recently decided to add another lipstick to my MAC makeup collection, MAC is one of my favourite brands and my collection of MAC makeup just seems to keep growing, but that's a good thing right? I had been wanting to purchase 'Snob' for such a long time after reading amazing reviews about the lipstick and finally got round to purchasing it.  

I purchased 'Snob' a few weeks ago, which is a bit different for me as I usually purchase bright, bold colours with the odd light shade sneaking in but I decided to have a change and purchase a 'not so in your face' shade. I purchased the lipstick for £15, which is the same price as the other MAC lipstick's.

'Snob' is a cool, light pink which almost reflects a 'barbie pink'. The texture is very creamy and on lips, has a medium shine. It really compliments my skin tone which I love as the lipstick isn't too dark and it isn't too light, it's almost perfect me. I have found that the lipstick, like all my other MAC lipstick's, stays on perfectly for almost seven hours which is great! After eating or drinking, I do like to apply a tiny bit more on to just make sure that the full lip is even and that no part of the lip has faded.


  1. Mac lippy's are the way to go! This is such a pretty colour ((:

  2. It's a really nice colour, I've never tried a MAC lipstick before :)

    Lydia x

  3. I've had my eye on this for so long, however seen a few reviews state that it doesn't go too well with paler skin tones, as it kinda washes you out. It's gorgeous though. I have a never-ending MAC lipstick wishlist!

    leigh xx |

    1. You could always add colour to the lipstick by adding a darker pink gloss, but obviously not too much! I would recommend this lipstick though, it's so pretty x