Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Street Style: London

I always like reading 'Street Style' posts so during my trip to London, I was on the look out for great outfits that stood out and I managed to spot four girls who all looked beautiful, so I thought I'll have a go at doing a street style post.

The first girl I spotted was in a shop in Carnaby Street. She stood out from the crowd with her amazing outfit! I love how she has styled her blouse with a striped skirt, the two patterns really compliment each other and make both pieces of clothing catch the eye. I especially love her blouse, it's so cute yet quite edgy which I absolutely love! I think that I may take inspiration from this outfit in the future because I love it so much! I cannot express my love for this outfit anymore! This is definitely one of my favourite outfits...ever.

The next two street stars who I spotted were in Shaftesbury Avenue. I love their style so much! Both girls bring a beach style to the city which is amazing! I really love the maxi dress, the colours stand out and attract attention which is something you need to do if you want to be spotted; attract attention. I also love how one of the girls has just styled her denim shorts with a simple grey tee, brilliant! Both girls look beautiful and definitely pull off their outfits great! 

The final girl who I spotted was outside of Covent Garden tube station. Among all the other people, she stood out the most with her cute peplum floral top. I love how she has styled her top with jeans and the bag completes the outfit, she also has a colour scheme that she seems to have stuck with, as all clothing and accessories are around the same colour, which is great! One of the things that I love about her outfit is the smallest accessory which is her watch! I think that the watch just adds to the cuteness of her outfit and is just a nice accessory. This girl seriously knows how to rock a simple outfit.

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  1. LOVE the maxi dress! So nice! Loved seeing this post popping up on my timeline - great idea

    Sophie at SOPHisticatexx