Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tartan Is Back For Autumn 2013

 The tartan trend is back and it's bigger than ever this Autumn! Needless to say, almost every designer and high street store has tried it's take on tartan and are now desperately hoping that their products catch the eye of fashionista's everywhere.   

I love the Autumn trends, however I especially love this trend as tartan is one of my favourite patterns...ever! Sadly, Summer is now coming to an end, and although I've loved the amazing weather England has had this year, I'm now ready to swap the shorts for jeans and the short sleeved tops for jumpers...well maybe not just yet, but soon enough. 
One of my favourite things to do when out shopping is to start purchasing products for the new season, before you start to think anything, yes, I do love the summer sales where everything is reduced dramatically and I can't stop myself from purchasing a few items. But...I do love purchasing products that I will start wearing in the next few weeks and this dress is one of them. 
At first, I thought that this pattern looked more school-like than anything but once I had tried it on, my thoughts were completely different and I just had to buy it! For a start, I really like that the colours aren't the usual red and green that everyone associates with the word tartan, the purple and black really make the dress stand out from other competitors on the market as it's more individual than the stereotype colour scheme. Another thing that I love about this dress is the collar! Some of you may be thinking that I'm completely crazy for loving the collar the most but collars are one of my favourite things...ever! A girl can never have too many clothes with a collar...well at least I don't think. In my opinion, the collar adds to the style of the dress and makes the dress look smarter and nicer instead of having just a normal neck line such as a v-neck or round neck. As you can see, I've styled the dress with a pair of black flats, I feel as if the shoes match perfectly with the style of the dress. When Autumn comes around, I will most likely style the dress with black tights as well as I think the dress will look even nicer with tights...well if that's possible! 
One of the final factors that I like about the dress is that the pattern doesn't cover the full dress. I love how the pattern is only at the front and the back is just plain black, I feel as if looking from the back, you would think that the dress is a normal black dress but then looking at the front, it's like a whole new dress! 

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  1. I don't usually like tartan because I always think of the normal red and green, but this dress is gorgeous! I also love collars :)

    Lydia x