Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Fashion Click: Prom

It's crazy to think that my prom was nearly a year ago, how time flies! It's prom season again, and if you live in England, you're either getting ready to dress up to end your final year at school, or you're reading this thinking back to your big night. It really is a magnificent night were you can make your best effort and just have a good time. Teen Vogue: Fashion Click are now running photo challenges were fashion bloggers who have signed up to Fashion Click can participate and the first challenge is Prom 2014. The rules state that bloggers should submit a post about their big night so that is exactly what I'm doing.

The first and most difficult challenge that prom creates is the dress challenge. I searched high and low, visited countless numbers of stores and eventually, found a dress that I liked and really wanted to wear for prom. I purchased my dress from Coast which was quite unpredictable as this would have been the last store I would have thought I would purchase my prom dress. Dress tastes differ from person to person, some want a 'stand out from the crowd' dress which has thousands of sequins and other embellishments and some prefer just a plain dress with no eye catching designs or embellishments. I can't pinpoint what I loved about this dress, I fell in love with it when it caught my eye and I believe that less is more so that is how this dress came to be the perfect prom dress for me.

Once the dress challenge is completed, then the next challenge that awaits is the shoes and accessory challenge. You may think that finding a pair of silver shoes is quite easy, but it's far from easy, it was possibly the most stressful and difficult things I've ever had to experience. The length of my dress was quite long and therefore I needed quite a high heel, and finding a heel that I was able to walk in and that suited the length of the dress was hard to say the least! Accessories, was the final challenge for me and fortunately this was quite easy, I wore some diamond earrings and purchased a simple glitter bag to complete the outfit.

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