Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tartan Love


After a stressful week of revising for my exams, I came back home to be greeted by a lovely dress that was sent to me from the kind people at Dasha Fashion. From previous posts, you may begin to get the idea that I love tartan clothing and that is 100% true. The tartan style has always been one of my favourites, whether a trend or not, tartan will always be a style that I adore.

Despite the cold weather that we've unfortunately been experiencing AGAIN, I luckily found the perfect time to shoot some outfit photo's of the dress for you all. I think that it is quite obvious that this is not the type of dress to wear at this moment in time outside, you'll either freeze, or come down with a really terrible cold. It's English weather, what can you expect? However, if you're heading out to a night out with your girls or going to a party, this would be the perfect outfit.

With a strapless fitted bodice and a full skirt, this dress is figure-friendly. The dress is lined so you have no worries about standing in front of a bright light and all being revealed. The length is also short enough to give a fun party look, but long enough to give a respectable impression. I paired the dress with silver, glitter high heels to give more of a 'glam' type look.

Overall, this dress would be perfect with a black leather jacket and a statement necklace to accessorise. Thanks again Dasha Fashion, I love this dress!

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  1. This is a really really nice dress and it looks great on you! x

    Cat | LilacGhosts