Monday, 21 July 2014

Rebellious in Red

Although we have just stepped into summer, AW14 pieces are slowly making their debut appearance in stores worldwide. SS14 was all about pastel colour and I for one, am not complaining about this trend, I have loved purchasing all things pastel and believe that this gorgeous trend will definitely reappear next year.

Let’s stop dwelling on the past and focus on the future, which seems to be covered in red.  As Taylor Swift once sung ‘loving him was red’ it seems as though designers have taken inspiration from her and have produced an AW14 full of ravishing red pieces. 

Prada amazed everyone at Milan Fashion Week with a statement red, fur dress. It was almost as if a beating heart was walking down the runway, making the audience fall in love with the piece. 

All designers had the same intention and aim to create a vibrant catwalk of the dangerous red colour. Dolce and Gabbana successfully did this with their fashionable textured red dress, even catching the eyes of those of us who only have a vague interest in fashion. Did Dolce and Gabbana take a note out of Prada’s book, teaming the dress with a red fur shrug? 
Dolce and Gabanna

Versace decided to spice things up a bit, showcasing an elegant, one sleeved red dress on the runway. Personally, this was one of my favourite pieces; it was both graceful and daring to make it a fantastic runway piece. 
As expected, other designers joined in with this deadly red trend and produced some amazing pieces. Marques Almeida and Sacai are just two that really produced some dare-devil like pieces. However, as each season comes, clothing becomes that little bit more expensive and our purses become that little bit lighter, and our hearts, well they drop a little bit more when we realize we can’t purchase everything that we want to. Not to worry, Ted Baker’s new collection includes a stylish pair of red court shoes, which are a must have for the upcoming season! Will you be joining everyone next season and indulging in a full red wardrobe or are you loathing this trend already?

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