Saturday, 4 April 2015

Chanel: Chance

Created by Jacques Polge, Chanel describe Chance as 'unexpected, sparkling and romantic', and needless to say, this description couldn't be more accurate! 


As a fragrance addict myself, experimenting with new perfumes is always exciting, the suspense that is created from the moment you open the packaging to the minute you spray the scent is incredible, all you want to know is if the perfume is going to live up to your own expectations, and I can 100% say that Chance exceeded my expectations!  

The feminine packaging reflects the scent so well! I am a huge fan of floral perfumes so Chance fits in really well with my taste, I personally believe that this scent reflects a sophisticated young woman, as described, the perfume also has a very romantic smell to it, I would definitely wear this if I was going on a date!  

One of the things I love the most about Chance is how long the scent lasts! There's no need to top up throughout the day which is a major advantage and this also means that you won't run out of the perfume fast!

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