Saturday, 20 June 2015

Your Holiday Must Haves!

After a stressful few months, I have finally completed my A2 Level exams, the end of exams indicate only one thing...the start of Summer! Although the weather hasn't been the best so far, I'm hoping for a beautiful Summer, filled with fun, in which I can prepare myself for hopefully, a new chapter of my life, moving away to University (fingers crossed I achieve the grades which I need!). 

I'm sure that many of you will be jetting off soon, whether you're going for a beach type holiday, or a cultural holiday, these holiday must haves will prepare you for a fantastic holiday!


I absolutely adore these wedges from Kurt Geiger! The nude colour allows the wedges to be worn with any type of outfit, I personally would style the wedges with a white dress or playsuit, with a dark pink lip and natural eye to complete the whole look.

This gorgeous tote is the perfect accessory for those of you who will be heading to the beach! 

A pair of stylish sunglasses are an essential requirement this summer! Whether you're going on holiday, or staying put in your own country, this accessory is a definite must have! No one can go through the season without their sunglasses accompanying them! 

I'm sure that all of you fashionista's out there are well aware of the increasing popular trend of the one-piece! A colour-blocked swimsuit will look perfect beside the pool!

I may be being a little biased here, but this is my all time favourite foundation, one specific reason for this is because you can achieve a flawless look by applying a tiny amount, and it stays perfect, even through the overwhelming heat! This is perfect for any destination! 

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