Monday, 20 July 2015

Feeling Clueless...

Shoes-New Look

When styling this outfit, all I could think of was the well known movie Clueless, all I needed was to swap my jacket for a yellow tartan blazer, and my jeans for a yellow tartan skirt and I would be giving off a Clueless vibe to all those around me. 

I was quite apprehensive when purchasing this jacket, as I believe that yellow is definitely one of those colours which you can either pull off, and look great, or it just doesn't look right on you, so I took the risk and tried my best at making yellow work for me. I purchased the jacket from Zara, (yes, another Zara purchase!), and you probably won't be that surprised when I tell you that the scarf is also from Zara.  

I believe that this outfit is perfect for work during the Summer, and you could also continue the outfit into the early stages of Autumn.
What do you think of the shade yellow? Can you pull it off? 



  1. Love your outfit! The scarf is so cute xx
    Glossy Boutique

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous.
    Great post lovely.
    Amy @ Blonde Amy x

  3. "Ugh, as if!" Hahaha, sorry! Clueless reference! Love the movie!

    This looks like something Cher would wear! You look freaking amazing! I love yellow on you but I look terrible in it. Ahh well...

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

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    1. I thought the exact same thing when I styled the outfit! Thank you so much! I'm sure you'd be able to pull it off! Xx

  4. Oh you are pulling it off alright! Super stunning outfit, work appropriate and definitely made for the summer.