Thursday, 2 July 2015

It's Time To Get Your Flip Flops Out!

I can't be the only person who gets very annoyed when I come back from the beach, to find that my shoes are filled with sand, and are practically ruined, everyone hates sandy shoes, there's no doubt about that!

Well I've got the solution for you! There's no need to thank me! Say hello to your new favourite brand 'Ipanema'. Described as one of Brazil's hottest flip flop brands, Ipanema has a range of stylish footwear which you won't be able to resist!

You can choose from flip flops, sandals or wedges, all of which will have you sitting at your computer screen, eagerly trying to decide which product you're going to purchase, it's so difficult as there's so many different styles to choose from! If you thought that your decision couldn't become any harder, then you're sadly mistaken, as there's also a range of different colours to choose from, believe me, you'll need to spare a few hours before entering Ipanema

Photo Credit-Ipanema
Ipanema Bella Platform-£22.00

One of my favourite products is the Ipanema Bella Platform, I personally love the shoe in the colour white as I feel it creates a fresh, summer vibe. Additionally, I also love the decorative pattern on the strap which makes the sandal more attractive. You'll also be happy to know that the shoes are very reasonably priced, meaning that you don't have to empty your purse after one single purchase!

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