Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Product That Saved My Skin.


Although England experienced amazing weather last week, my skin did not agree with it...at all. The combination of extremely warm weather and makeup just doesn't go well, and ultimately results in visible pores and possible spots. 

I'm extremely lucky and never really get spots, so the minute I saw one rising on my face, I basically freaked out, I researched for hours on end as to which product would be the best for me and would help clear my face quickly as I'm off to London on Thursday for my birthday weekend, so clear skin is a must! 

I finally found a product which I thought would work, and it certainly did not let me down. I've never used any Clean and Clear products before, but given the circumstance, this was a risk I was willing to take. 

After the first use of the product, I was simply amazed, the product claims to brighten your skin, and I noticed a difference after only one use! Fantastic! I've now been using the product for a week and can happily say that all possible spots have disappeared and my skin is feeling smoother than ever, whilst looking brighter than ever. The scent of the product is gorgeous, it's a great scent to wake yourself up. 

Overall, I recommend this product to everyone! I absolutely love it and will definitely be stocking up!  

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