Saturday, 8 August 2015

A Mulberry Scarf

Heels-New Look
Handbag-Michael Kors

One of my favourite ways to accessorise is with a gorgeous scarf, and this Mulberry piece is perfect to add to a casual toned down outfit. I styled this outfit with the intention of making it look very sophisticated but casual at the same time, by wearing everyday jeans, but with a blazer, and of course, accessorising with a handbag and scarf. I also believe that by adding height to an outfit can make it look very sophisticated.

When I first set eyes on this scarf, I didn't really know which outfits I would be able to wear it with due to the colour, but found that the mix of blue and pink works so well! I adore the monogrammed pattern of the scarf and love how you're able to change the way in which you wear the scarf.



  1. You look great! I've been eyeing up this scarf for some time, get to see it styled with an outfit. I'm sold :) thanks.

    1. Thank you! It's such a gorgeous scarf! Xx

  2. I LOVE your scarf and bag! Great outfit x

    TR's Thoughts