Thursday, 27 August 2015

Donut Worry

Top-Adolescent Clothing

Donut worry! Adolescent Clothing has the answers to all your casual, street style prayers!

A very big thank you to the guys and gals at Adolescent Clothing for sending me this fun t-shirt! Adolescent Clothing produce clothing which relates to the ever-changing youth culture of society, and are always up to date with the latest trends, both within fashion and youth slang.
A girl's wardrobe is never complete without a casual yet stylish t-shirt, which you can style with almost anything. Well thanks to Adolescent, my wardrobe is now complete! This may be my first ever fully casual t-shirt and I absolutely love it. I feel like the t-shirt almost matches my personality as I'm constantly trying to come up with puns (although, I'm not too good). Adolescent's collection has a t-shirt for absolutely everyone! I just can't get enough of the brand! 
If street-style is your thing, then I would highly recommend Adolescent to you! I know for a fact you'll be lost for words after viewing their absolutely amazing collection! The brand is also very popular on ASOS which means that you better hurry up and purchase your new, super-stylish shirt, before you know it, it'll be gone! 
Another brilliant aspect about the brand is the fact that their products priced very reasonably! This t-shirt is priced at £18, you're definitely getting your money's worth!
Overall, Adolescent Clothing has definitely become one of my favourite brands! I feel another purchase coming on in the future, I can't explain just how much I love their t-shirts, I've sat and laughed at some of the phrases for most of the day!

It's difficult to find a brand which caters for everyone, but amazingly, Adolescent have pulled this off, I can't fault them!

Happy shopping everyone!



  1. Well this tops amazing! *Must buy*

  2. Love how casual this outfit is, if I do end up getting this top then I'd probably size up so it's a little more oversized!
    Dalal x

    1. I love it! Would definitely recommend it as it's so easy to style an outfit around!Xx

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