Saturday, 5 September 2015

Denim Skirts and Spotty Shirts


My favourite season is officially here so I couldn't help myself when I found these two pieces in Topshop last weekend. I'm not really into denim skirts, so purchasing this was a bit of a risk as I was adamant that I wouldn't be able to pull it off! However, I love the skirt, especially the button up feature, and I can't stop wearing it!

As for the top, it's perfect to keep you warm throughout this season as it's so comfortable and the material is quite heavy so you don't need to worry about getting cold. I purchased both pieces together but didn't think they'd match as an outfit, but when I styled them together, I was more than surprised at how well they complimented each other.

It's a perfect, casual outfit for college or university, and if you don't want to style the outfit with heeled boots, then a pair of black flats will always work!


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  1. Such a lovely outfit! x
    Claire |