Tuesday, 26 January 2016

University Must Haves!

After my planned short, but actual long break, I'm back. I've recently just completed my first time at university, and have begun my second semester. It's very difficult to produce outfit posts whilst at university, due to the lack of time which I have, however, I thought for the first post this year I would base it on products which I define as university must-haves.

Before beginning university, I visited almost every shop possible, with no knowledge regarding which products I would definitely need, after one semester living as a student, I have now realised the products which I cannot live without.

The first is Clean and Clear Morning Energy Brightening Facial Scrub. I use this product every morning on a weekday ultimately because the product is facial scrub, so I don't want to use the product constantly and risk damaging the texture of my skin. However, this product is fantastic for the morning after a night out, it removes all makeup and does what it says, it brightens your skin. This is a major factor for me, as I like to look fresh on a morning, so having this product is essential at university. It's also student friendly in regards to the cost, I usually shop at Boots for my beauty products, but came across the product in Tesco for an amazing £4.00!

My second must have is my Chanel no.5 perfume. I know this isn't very student-like, as it's quite expensive, but is definitely worth it. This has always been my signature perfume on nights out, moving to university is different as I go out a lot of the time, so I use this perfume for formal nights, that way I'm not using a lot of it and therefore saving money. So, for all you second years at college, if you're thinking of going to university and have a favourite perfume, then make sure to take it, if you don't you'll most definitely regret it!

Thirdly, a scarf is a definite-must have. Nothing feels worse than walking to a lecture in the cold and wishing that you had a scarf, honestly, I've been in that position, and afterwards phoned my parents to ask for my scarf! I usually wear a plain red cotton scarf as I am able to style this with almost any outfit.

Moreover, university rooms are quite dull when you first move in, so you obviously want to personalise your room. I was lucky enough for my parents to surprise me with a Jo Malone room diffuser which I absolutely love, and have just ordered a second as I'm running out of the first. There's also nothing better than coming back to your room and walking in to a delicious smell.

I'm going to keep this post to just five must-haves, although I could go on and on, but I'm certain that you'd give up reading after about twenty! So the last must-have on my list is a perfect pair of formal heels. Formal evenings aren't regular, but when they occur, it's a pretty big deal, make sure that you have at least one pair of black heels which can be worn for a formal event, and don't wear them to any other night out other than the formal!

I hope this has given you all an insight into some of the products you need to take to university, or has given you an idea to go out and purchase one of these products if you're already at university.

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