Tuesday, 9 February 2016

New Season Style


Dolce and Gabbana

Spring season is literally just around the corner, and although the weather doesn't seem to know that, fashionista's from all over the world do, so it's time to ditch the wooly jumpers and hats, and add a little bit of spring to your wardrobe! 

One of the major trends for this upcoming season is stripes! It seems that this trend has made a magnificent comeback from a few seasons ago and now it's bigger than ever!

Vertical, diagonal or horizontal, you name it, stripes are coming in all directions and are no doubt, going to make a heavy impact within our wardrobes...you know once you buy one product, you can't resit but buy more!

Although I wish that I could afford to purchase Dolce and Gabbana's new spring collection or a new jacket from Prada, the harsh reality is that I can't (*looks into the future...one day Lucy...one day*). So instead, I've found some other affordable products which won't break my bank, but which will be right on trend!

Firstly, to slowly enter us into spring, is a Turtle Neck Stripe Crop Top in navy blue from Missguided, and I must admit, I am LOVING this top! *adds to shopping cart*. One of the many things that I adore about this product is the fact that you could style it either casual, or formal, it's one of those tops which you can wear from the early morning, to the night, by just adding a necklace to style it up. Also, it's priced at £12, which as a student, makes me unbelievably happy. 
Turtle Neck Stripe Crop Top-£12.00

Secondly, I understand that Spring can still be quite cold, believe me, I live in the North, I understand the cold weather issue. But don't you worry, New Look have created a nice little striped jumper for us all to purchase, so we can both be warm and on trend at the same time. Thank you New Look! Whilst writing this post, I've realised that the colours I'm sticking to are different shades of blue...I'll try harder to find a new shade for the next product, I promise. 
Blue Striped Space Dye Jumper-£19.99

Ah, River Island, one of my favourite high street stores, you have impressed me again, with this gorgeous handbag. Yes, a little expensive considering you could buy one for half the price, but everything about it is just utterly fantastic. It will certainly be making an appearance on my wish list...and hopefully on my arm in the near future. 
Pink Stripe Boxy Tote Handbag-£42.00

The shirt dress...one of the biggest trends last season, and remarkably, has continued to make an appearance this upcoming season. I personally love the look of them, although am yet to purchase one, and I don't really understand why, but I guess that's what happens when you try and save money!
I love the contrasting colours on this dress, and to impress you even more, you can purchase the dress in a different colour! I knew I loved Boohoo for a reason.
Rebecca Striped Shirt Dress-£20.00
 And last, but certainly not least, is this beautiful jumpsuit from online retailer Missy Empire. Oh how I wish I was tall enough to pull this jumpsuit off! I think I may be falling in love...Ladies, this is perfect for a night out, or a casual day with your girls. You can style it with almost anything due to the plain colours, I adore it!
Katia Black Striped Overlay Mesh Panel Jumpsuit-£30.00

So there you go, just some products to help you walk into spring in style. What do you think of the stripes trend? What's your favourite product? Be sure to comment your opinions and follow me by clicking on the links below!

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  1. Fab post - I love the high street alternatives you've found and the stripes trend is definitely one of my favourites! That New Look jumper is gorgeous!!

    Toni x