Saturday, 16 July 2016

Whistle Candy

Sandals-Whistle Candy

It's official, Summer is here and it's time to get yourself a brand new pair of cute sandals, for an amazing price, as Whistle Candy have an incredible sale going on right now! 

Firstly, thank you to Whistle Candy for sending me these gorgeous sandals, they're not only attractive, but are also incredibly comfy! Due to the tan colour, these sandals are easy to pair with almost any outfit, and the heel also adds a degree of dressiness, which means you can wear them day or night!
If you're sat reading, really wishing that you could purchase these sandals, you have no excuse not to as they're now only £13! Amazing!
What do you think of these sandals?


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  1. Great share! Thanks for the information, will use few of them. Keep sharing stuff like this...