Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Working Out

Sports Bra- George at Asda
Leggings- USA Pro
Trainers- Nike 

So I decided that it was maybe time to publish a post that was different to the norm. Over the past few months, I've seen so many media platforms publish posts in relation to the 'perfect' body, or how to live a healthier lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I'm not slating them, however, after reading various articles, I noticed that most were based on cutting calories, and exercising 24/7.

I started to really get into fitness around this time last year. It became a way for me to escape my day to day life, and get the head space that I needed, and of course, it had many benefits for my health and body. However, over the past year, I have changed the way in which I work out, and my diet.

Firstly, you can still eat the things that you love, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, it's not a good idea to eat chocolate every single day, but you can still incorporate your favourite treats into your eating plan. I still indulge every now and again, but this doesn't stop me from achieving the body that I want.

After the release of protein brands, I swear the whole world became obsessed with protein shakes and bars, however, I usually like to get my protein from whole foods, such as chicken. That way, I know that it's healthy, and I can see it being cooked. I would happily try protein shakes and bars, but right now, I'm more focused on food.

Cardio. The dreaded word. Everyone hates thinking and doing cardio, and as we all know, websites swear by cardio to lose weight and tone up, but thankfully, this isn't 100% true. I incorporate cardio into my everyday fitness routine, I go on long walks, and also follow fitness DVD's, this helps to burn fat and to help tone up. However, I've now become a huge fan of weights, and after a weight work out, I genuinely feel better than after a cardio workout. I try to incorporate weights three/four times a week, and I only do this for ten minutes, with thanks to a killer Youtube workout! Afterwards, you can really feel your muscles working, and weights help you to tone up a lot, so they're my go to!
Sports Two Piece- Pink Soda Sport @ JD Sports

I hope that this post has been interesting, and I hope that you've liked it, as I know that it's very different to what I usually post. To round this up, I've managed to finally love my body, yes, I want to tone up certain areas, but just because you might not look like an amazing fitness model, doesn't mean that you're not beautiful. No one is perfect and we should all strive to accept and love our bodies.


  1. LOVE this post! And I love your take on being fit. You do what you can without getting obsessed - I'm the same way. I've also found that weight training has given me better results (visually) than cardio. Of course, I do like to get cardio to clear my head, for the health of my bones (running is great for that), for my lungs and of course, heart. Thanks for sharing - you look gorgeous! XO, Janea

  2. This post is honestly so fantastic and its so refreshing to see people such as yourself have a healthy attitude towards being healthy (if I'm making sense lol). I too see loads of people obsessed with exercise and cutting calories, when in fact that isn't the best thing for your body at all. Keep up the fantastic work :)