Saturday, 26 November 2016

Benefit Cosmetics Event


After a long break away from blogging, my Ellefluence. The event was held at the Benefit Cosmetics concession counter in Debenhams, Eldon Square, Newcastle and it was great to say the least!
first post back is going to be telling all you lovely readers about the fantastic Benefit Cosmetics event that I attended thanks to Laura from

Prior to the event, I met up with some lovely blogging ladies, once the event started, we were instantly greeted with a glass of prosecco and a slice of pizza, this was definitely the best way to begin an event. We were then taken to get our photographs taken if we wished, I had mine taken with two gorgeous blogger babes.
Nicole from GeordieKisses
Lorna from Loochiee

After photographs were taken, and drinks finished, we were then told how the evening would play out, and the demonstrations that we were to watch. We were then split into smaller groups and the first demonstration my group watched was a brow tint, lip and chin wax. Bloggers were able to volunteer to be the model for the demonstrations, I personally didn't volunteer for this demonstration but a very brave Gemma did, and her brows looked amazing afterwards! 

Once the brow tint, and wax was over, we then were taken to watch a makeup tutorial with products that we may decide to purchase later. My benebabe applied blusher and a highlighter on my face, as highlighter's are one of my all time favourite beauty products, and well, everyone loves a good blusher! 

For all of you ladies who have quite a pale skin tone like myself, you'll know just how difficult it is to find a blusher that works and one that isn't too dark. Thankfully, my benebabe had just the right shade, the shade is called 'Dandelion' and is a light pink shade that sits perfect upon the cheeks and gives you a sweet blush. 

In regards to highlighter, I'm sure all of you are aware of the Benefit Watts Up highlighter, but I thought that this may be too dark for my skin tone (Yes, I'm very pale if you haven't noticed!).  But not to worry, Benefit have answered our prayers and have designed a highlighter that works for us! The highlighter is called 'Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter', after this was applied, I instantly saw the result and LOVED it! The highlighter can also be used a concealer for those sleepy mornings so it's a win win product!  

Once demonstrations and tutorials had finished, we were then free to look around, learn more about the limited edition christmas products, and have a little purchase of products if we wanted to! I mean, who can resist purchasing anything beauty based?  
Girl O'clock Rock-£34.50

One of the christmas products that caught my attention almost immediately was the Girl O'clock Rock which is a 12 day advent calendar featuring 12 of Benefit's best sellers...wait for it...for only £34.50...AMAZING!  

I could go on and on about how amazing the event was, and how gorgeous all of Benefit's products are, but I'd be here for days, or months, maybe even years, and I'm sure that neither you or I have that time on our hands...I guess...

Overall, I absolutely loved this event and I honestly don't think that the event could have been organised any better, it was utterly perfection.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Benefit Cosmetics, Ellefluence and Laura Pearman for photography! 



  1. Thanks for suggestioning the highligher. I had the champagne one used on me. but It seemed to suit my colouring. It was defiantly tthe best night so far.

  2. Good post babe! Thanks for the tag. I
    Love results think I'll Deffo brie it again lol