Friday, 6 January 2017

Staying Chic in the Cold

Coat-Jack Wills
Wellington Boots-Hunter
Although it's absolutely FREEZING outside, and rainy, and windy, and just altogether miserable, that didn't stop my family and I from going on a winter's walk to feel fresh for the beginning of the New Year. 

Although 99% of the time, I see less than two people when I'm out walking, I always want to look fashionable, because hey, I am a fashion blogger after all. Sometimes it's quite difficult to find fashionable clothing that'll keep you warm, but that won't make you too warm once you've been walking for a long time. 

However, this outfit is one of my go-to walking outfits when the weather is cold and wet, my headband and jacket keeps me warm and cosy, and my wellington boots ensure that no mud will creep its way up to my clothing.

Let's talk about the headband first. It's so cosy and I can always depend upon it to make sure that my head stays warm, I hate having cold ears when walking so this headband is an essential in my closet. I purchased the headband from Joules

On to my favourite piece of coat. Although you can't see, the inside is lined with fur and keeps me insanely warm, I feel so toasty when wearing it. I've worn this coat in nearly all weather conditions, although it's quite heavy, it's definitely still a must-have item. I purchased my gorgeous coat from Jack Wills

Next, the leggings, and ironically, I purchased these from Next, however, I did purchase them quite a while ago, so they may not be available anymore. These leggings are perfect for cold conditions as they're thicker than the rest of my sport leggings, but also have the same elasticity so I'm still able to move about freely.  

Last, but certainly not least, are my lovely wellington boots by Hunter. One of the things that I absolutely love about them is the grip of the sole, I can almost guarantee that I'll never slip when wearing these!

What are your go-to clothing items when walking?

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