Wednesday, 5 April 2017

London Strolls

Hello all! Long time, no posts! You may have been wondering why I decided to disappear from all things social media, but I'm back now and ready to tell you all about my wonderful trip to London a few weeks ago!

I travelled down to London early afternoon, with the rail company Grand Central, due to booking tickets in advance, I must admit that the cost of the tickets were very reasonable for first class, so I'll most definitely be booking with Grand Central again. The journey was smooth and the customer service was fantastic, the only downfall was that I spent most of my journey reading government publications to aid my assignments, but that was all.

We arrived in London around 4pm, and luckily caught a cab immediately. I had stayed the the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge previously, so decided to book the hotel again, this time, booking a studio room. Once again, when I arrived, the customer service was spectacular, and the hotel still portraying a sophisticated city vibe, very clean, very neat and very me. The location is great but not too central so there's very little noise during the night and early mornings which is always a plus!

The studio room was nice, the only downfall was that we were given a room that didn't have an exterior outlook, so getting ready in the morning with makeup was quite difficult due to the lack of light. However, the room was clean, neat and tidy, with comfortable pillows and a very comfortable bed (extra points to you Park Plaza!).
Dining at All Bar One Waterloo
After a long train journey, there was only one thing on my mind-food. Without wandering too far, we decided to dine at All Bar One Waterloo. I've always been a fan of All Bar One, but have only ever dined at the York restaurant, so I definitely had high expectations. I ordered the chicken burger with fries, with a still water and a cosmopolitan cocktail. As I've always been a fan of cocktails, I always set my standards high, and after never having an All Bar One cocktail, I was a little apprehensive. However, this cosmopolitan was the BEST cosmo that I have EVER tasted, the flavour was strong, and had the ultimate taste. Three ticks for All Bar One! The food was good, but I wouldn't say that it was anything more than I'm used to when eating out, however, I did like the presentation. The food was presented on a slate, with the fries in a separate holder, which I value as I believe that this made the presentation that extra bit special.

The next day was spent shopping, and thanks to my dad, I was lucky enough to be bought a Louis Vuitton scarf, which I cannot stop wearing. I've always had my eye on the scarf for many months, so when it was handed to me, wrapped, in the bag, I always ecstatic...Thank you dad!

When shopping in luxury stores, I set my expectations very high, I believe that the customer service should reflect the reputation and the standard of the brand, and I was very impressed with all of the service that I received when shopping in Louis Vuitton.

We then headed to Burberry, where I may have taken a little too long to choose which purse I wanted, however, once again, I had no complaints about the service, with all staff being very helpful and kind.

That night, I saw 42nd Street, and it was marvellous. The costumes, the dancing and the actors were all fantastic and it is definitely a show that I would see a second time!
The interior of No.11 Pimlico Road
The next day, we decided to head to Chelsea for breakfast and dined at No. 11 Pimlico Road. The atmosphere was very relaxed and we were treated lovely. I ordered salmon and scrambled eggs on sourdough toast and was amazed at the taste. The food was just SO good! The interior was modern, with a chic twist which I loved and I was very impressed with the high standard of cleanliness! I'll definitely be making a return visit!
My delicious breakfast at No.11 Pimlico Road
The day after was time to leave and return back home, overall, I absolutely loved my little break in London and cannot wait to return again to find more fantastic food places!

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