Wednesday, 30 August 2017

LIFESTYLE: Getting Fit Without a Gym Membership


Hello hello! Today's post is a little bit different from the usual fashion posts, but judging from the results of my previous twitter poll, some of you were intrigued as to how you can get fit without having to pay for a gym membership. Firstly, please note that I do not have any professional knowledge regarding exercise, or nutrition, all the advice that is stated below is what I've found works for me.

So you want to get fit, for less basically, if it's to tone up, build some muscle, or lose a little bit of weight, I'm here to discuss my daily exercise routine, although I ensure that I have two rest days. Rest days are essential for your body to develop and recover, so whatever you do, MAKE SURE THAT YOU REST! You don't need to do anything on your rest days, but I personally like to stretch and sometimes do a short yoga session. As a cheerleader, it is essential that I'm able to stretch and become more flexible, however, you at home, don't need to do a thing, you can put your feet up and binge watch your favourite TV programme if you like!

First things first, I do use some basic equipment when working out, but I can assure you that you can purchase this equipment for a reasonable price! Or...if you fancy saving your money, I'm sure you can find some home objects that will be equally as effective.

Fitness Step: I use this in every workout that I do, if you don't have room to purchase one of these, or would rather spend your money on something more luxurious, like a new dress (I sure would!), you can use a garden step, or anything that has a little height from the ground. However, if you're wanting to purchase one, just simply google a fitness step and shop until your heart is content!

Kettlebell: I know that all of you cardio bunnies are probably screaming at this, I know that I used to think that anything that had a weight was NOT for me, now it's my favourite piece of equipment, and helps to make my booty that little bit peachier, so it's a good investment.

Dumbbells: Again, I like to incorporate different weights into my workouts. When purchasing any type of weight, I'd recommend to purchase what you feel is comfortable and then increase, I started with only three kilograms, and then increased as I grew stronger. However, you can use water bottles instead of dumbbells if you like, they're a great alternative!

So that's all the equipment that I use, just three simple things. Now onto my workouts.

WARMUP: A light jog for ten minutes, or jumping jacks for five minutes.

TWO SETS OF SQUATS X15: When starting out, I don't squat any more weight than my own, I do fifteen squats, rest for ten seconds, and then complete my second set.

ONE SET OF LUNGES X10: Now that I have activated my glutes and other leg muscles (I told you I wasn't a professional ;-) ), I do ten reps of lunges on both legs.

ONE SET OF WEIGHTED LUNGES X5: After my first set of lunges without weights, I then add my dumbbells and do five reps on both legs. I only do one set of five simply because I don't want to over work my leg muscles. I may be wrong in doing that, but so far, it's worked for me, so I'm sticking to it for now.

30 SECONDS OF JUMPING JACKS: You definitely need to use a timer for this one, as thirty seconds can go quite slowly! I always try to consistently jump for the thirty seconds without a rest to get my heart pumping faster.

THREE SETS OF WEIGHTED SQUATS X10: By now, I usually have my heart racing, so I grab my kettlebell and squat ten times, rest for ten seconds, squat another ten reps, rest again for ten seconds, and then squat ten again! I found that by using a kettlebell when squatting, that I really did see some progression in my booty shape!

30 SECOND PLANK: On to the floor I go, and I plank for thirty seconds. When I first started out, I was shaking after only ten seconds! So believe me, you'll get there! I make sure to squeeze all the muscles in my body for a great effect!

TWO SETS OF SIT UPS X10: Ahh, the dreaded sit up exercise, I do two sets of ten reps, this has helped me to strengthen my core a lot!

TWO SETS OF STEP UPS X10: And back up I go! I'm off the floor, and using my fitness step. I like to do two sets of ten simply because I've realised that not only is it a great exercise, but it also gives me a little bit of a rest and helps me to work on my balance!

ONE SET OF WEIGHTED STEP UPS X10: After stepping with no weight but my own, I then grab my dumbbells and complete one set. This helps me to feel the burn in my legs and also helps me to become stronger!

ONE SET OF KETTLEBELL SWINGS X10: This has become one of my favourite exercises! I complete just one set of ten kettlebell swings and by this time, it's usually time to grab my water!

So there you have it, one of my daily workouts! I use this workout the most as I believe I see more results from it and there's more things to do! I hope you've enjoyed reading about it! If you give it a try, let me know by tweeting me at @lipsticknloubs or DM'ing me on Instagram at @lucyygould!

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  1. I'll have to try this out - I've been looking for a good at home workout.