Thursday, 24 August 2017

LIFESTYLE: Results and Your Future

In light of GCSE results day, and A-level results day last week, I decided to write a post about my own personal experience of sitting exams and the results that I received. Over the last week, I've seen many people tweet and express how disappointed in themselves they are because of their results, this honestly breaks my heart. I remember opening my GCSE results and feeling disappointed, upset and even ashamed, now looking back on it four years later, I realise that I shouldn't have felt any of those negative feelings, because here I am, about to go into my third and final year of university at a russell group. The biggest lesson I have learnt regarding results, is that they do not, by any means, determine your future.

So let's talk about my experience shall we...

First of all, I wasn't privately educated, wasn't chosen as gifted and talented in any subject and was an average student with average grades, but I still dreamt of attending a russell group university. Now, I'm not saying that everyone should attend a russell group, and I'm certainly not implying that you won't be successful if you do not attend one, this was my own personal choice, and I had my heart set on attending one (probably because it was talked about so much during my final school years), but I am a true believer, that despite the university you attend, or don't attend, you may progress onto an apprenticeship, everyone can be successful in their own personal way.

I found some subjects very challenging, especially mathematics and textiles, for some reason, I couldn't seem to understand anything to do with algebra or simultaneous equations, and as for trying to sew on a sewing machine, or draw a perfect design...well that was never going to happen. I studied so much to try and come out with a great grade in all of my subjects, but focused mostly upon the two mentioned above as I knew those were my weakest subjects.

Results day came, and I was so disappointed. I had always dreamed of being able to enrol at a college and be able to say I had however many A*s and how successful I had been, but instead, I was upset and all my motivation seemed to disappear in a matter of minutes once I had opened the envelope.

I enrolled at college, and chose to study English Language, English Literature, Law and Sociology at A-Level. I had a much better experience at college, I had more support and was so determined to do well. I remember when the dreaded UCAS applications opened, and instead of applying to the universities that I had dreamed about, I only applied to one of them, and applied to other universities that I didn't really want to attend. I had my heart set on one specific russell group, but all I could think about was my GCSE results and assumed that they would take one look and reject me immediately.


After numerous emails, I was offered a conditional place, this meant that if I achieved the results that they wanted in my A-levles, I was in! After nearly a whole year and a half of thinking that I could never achieve what I wanted all because of ten letters on a piece of paper that defined my knowledge of subjects, I was finally given that little bit of hope. Since then, I worked so so hard, every night I was revising, making sure I knew my subjects inside out and A-level results day came around and...

Now I'm about to go into my third year, at the university that I had my heart set upon, despite my GCSE results.

So what I'm trying to say, is firstly, well done if you received the results you wanted! Way to go! But if you didn't, do not ever doubt yourself, don't think that just because you didn't get the results that you wanted, you can't then go on to achieve your goals! If I can achieve my goals, then so can you!

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